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Realm & Empire

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Taking authentic reference points from a deeply rich and evocative British history and culture, Realm & Empire presents a new and unique men’s clothing collection.

Museums and history books, documents and memorabilia, historic buildings and landscapes, charismatic characters that shaped British history and our way of life today. Digging deep into the vaults to bring genuine historical images and designs that are thought provoking and relevant; but rest assured, this is a menswear collection that is as contemporary in its execution as it is nostalgic in its roots.

Historical influences are addressed with care and respect by a design team that is passionate about their origins and inspired to reuse all they uncover in a unique and current way.

Visual appeal is imperative always, but the human qualities of purpose, practicality, steadfastness and often eccentricity that have underpinned our country’s historic past and its triumphs are echoed in their clothing also. This can be through bold graphic design, or sometimes via a subtle suggestion within the garment’s cut, shape and finishing details. The quality and attention to detail is second to none and the result is undeniably modern.

Capturing the essence of our Great British history is what drives and defines the Realm & Empire creative team.