White Canvas Project LA Jam

Posted April 10 2012

  DSC                       Food One


  Memuco                   Kophns One   

  Leba                      SheOne

 David Walker

In Febuary 2012 Supremebeing followed the first event by heading out to LA.

Five days in the heart of LA to collect and convert the local salvage and scrap, ending in an art show the likes of which LA has never seen before… street art, fine art, conceptual art, body painting and straight up graffiti all shown together with the paint still fresh.

WCP Veterans SheOne & David Walker, along with the one and only Death Spray Custom, flew in from the UK.

Meanwhile Mexican artist Memuco dropped his job as visual graphics editor at one of China's largest newspapers to fly the other way around the globe.

Joining them in LA were comic artist & illustrator Jim Mahfood AKA Food One (currently working on the new Tank Girl),

The controversial Leba (known for his politically charged pieces)

And the talented LA graffiti artist Kophns One.

We at UK Streetstyle love this! We look forward to more Art jams as it hopefully travels the globe Gathering more Artists!

Well Done all at Supremebeing. True Leaders!