Supremebeing - White Canvas Project- Artists- Sheone

Posted December 12 2011

 Sheone- Artist

SheOne's unique brand of Abstract Typogrophy is rooted deep in the new wave graffiti era of early eighties New York, however his trademark strokes and bold expressive approach to image making put him firmly in the present. One of the first generation of English artists to work exclusively in spraypaint, commit works to unruly curator free environments and eventually transfer this aesthetic style and medium to canvas. In recent years he has managed to successfully transfer the scale and energy of illegal street painting into the well lit confines of the gallery creating international exhibitions and site specific installations.

I was fortunate to start making graffiti as a teenager, fortunate because spraypaint and the application of graffiti, unlike today, had no legitimate artistic legacy and so I was free from any preconcieved critique of my approach to image making

- SheOne.